What our Clients are saying about us...

Jaye Murray

"Kathy is an exceptional woman! You will know from the second you meet her that she is more service than sales. My husband and I have been looking for lake property and contacted the realtor on a location we were interested in. He completely blew us off and basically told us to go look at it ourselves. I contacted Kathy and right away she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She has been helping us with this same property for the past three weeks and she will hardly make a dime off of it. Kathy's knowledge of homes, values, real estate, construction, septic systems is not something learned in a day. She is a wealth of knowledge and is one of the most kind Realtors I've ever worked with. I highly highly highly recommend her.

Pupp Lovers

"They are such amazing people and very helpful in my search for my first home and not pushy trying to get me to spend more then what i said my budget was. I felt like i was one of the family every time i went to see them